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Be the Best Gift Giver

With so many exquisite Fine Bone China, Made in England pieces,  hand decorated & hand edged in 22 carat gold how do you choose from all these possible prezzies & gorgeous gifts ?

You could browse around Amazing Alice, the ever wonderous Natural History Museum or the spectacular Fortnum & Mason Collaboration but I thought I’d share a few ideas I had on how to be the best gift giver…  Supersize Lovebird / Birdcage Candle

Gifts of love

Whether for Weddings, Anniversaries, Valentines or ‘just because’ so many ways to celebrate your love.  Spell out LOVE with my Intricate Ink Illustrations with Hearts, Lovebirds, Letters, Bunnies, Ribbons ……so so so so many ways!  Explore all the Gifts for Marvellous Mums, for Super Hero Dads

Red hear in ink design on white fine bone china milk jug with 22 carat detailingFine Bone China Mug with a word love written on it in Christmas theme







Or create a personal message of your own with framed tiles – initials, names, words, phrases, or nonsense. Whatever you wish is always possible.  Popped into a handmade black painted frame by me in my Hampstead Studio, & ready to hang. You can even put a personal dedication on the back of the frame should you think that is a jolly good idea……..

ILOVEU Tiles FramedInitials Framed Tiles-0

One-of-a-kind best-bespoke gift

I have over 3000 unique designs that can be pinted on canvas or in beautiful unique vintage black frames.  Or even better I love love love to draw & will create a bespoke intricate ink ilustration of your choosing – I love doing anything from Coast of Arms, Family Crests, Pet Portraits to customised tatoos.  I would be so happy to make whatever your dream is come true!

Not a clue what Gift to give? ….or Gift for someone-I-don’t-really-know…

Who doesn’t need a mug – even if it’s for holding pens (or paintbrushes). I’ve got Fine Bone China Mighty Mugs with every letter of the alphabet,  as well as my Marvellous Mugs and Majestic  Mugs.


Y - Yankee Yellowtail Mighty MugO letter with an octopus holding guns in ink design on white bone china mugU letter with black umbrella holding UK flag in ink design on white fine bone china mug






But better still, Personalise your Gift with their Initial – Mighty Mugs come in all the letters of the Alphabet each with a unique Rory Dobner Intricate Ink Illustration telling the letter’s story with a clever, playful or just plain cheeky drawing.  Or something from my Zodiac Collection – written in the stars……I hope you love yours & your friends one’s ♥️   Each piece is made in exquisite Fine Bone China. Hand decorated & hand edged in 22 carat gold & Made In England from Majestic Mugs to Perfect Plates, Cutesy Candles

Perfectly Pretty PresentsLadybird Cupcake Apron

Artistic Aprons & Oven Gloves or Terrific Tea Towels ae the perfect gifts for Chefs & Bakers.  Or why not some Happy Handwashing with a beautiful soap dispenser.

Gifts for Him, or, Gifts for Her

Fine Bone China Coasters are the smallest of my Perfect Plates….& obviously perfect for your cuppa but also beautiful for keys, loose change, earrings, cufflinks etc.

Or my Teeny Tiny Trinket Boxes are the perfect place to keep your very special treasure safe & sound. Available in 3 sizes, hand decorated & hand edged in 22 carat gold these Fine Bone China Trinket Boxes are exquisite.

Gifts for Hosts

Tremendous Trays – round, rectangular & super sized – no one knows how much they need a tray until they get one & they will wonder how they managed before.

Supersize Alphabet Candle

Or give one of my beautifully scented Cosy Candles – lidded ceramic containers hand decorated with my  Intricate Ink Illustrations. The individually illustrated candle lids are decorated with 22 carat gold on the top of the lid knobble (I made that word up) & the rim of the candle container. Also available with no lid should you prefer. Or the Cutesy Candles – no lid but beautiful 22 carat gold rim. After you have used the beautifully scented candle the candle container could be reused as a sugar pot, trinket pot, tea/coffee pot or as an ornament.


Gifts for scribblers, jotters and list makers

Smokey Fish NotebookA5 Notable Notebooks in soft black with plain pages for doodles, designs & decisions!  Rounded corners & raised Rory Dobner Intricate Ink illustration cover.   Printed illustration at the top of every page; an elastic holder to hold your notes nice and tightly with a pocket inside the back cover to keep all their treasures safe.

Gifts for a beautiful table…

Decorate tables (or walls….)   with my Perfect Plates.   Or choose from Tip Top Teasets with Bewitching Bowls, Cups & Saucers & Classy Cake Stands
Cat Monocle Teapot






F&M Cup and Saucer

Gifts for babies & parents….

Not just for children – my amazingly beautiful hardback book telling the tale of the annual Ink House extravaganza.  Read it, colour it or both!

Worried you won’t choose quite the right gift?

Gift Voucher – that’s easy, delivered to their inbox, no fussing with wrapping & posting plus I can do these in any amount you’d like.

Cherry on the cake

Cat in Hat CardIt’s always lovely to give a gift with a thoughtful message – tuck it inside one of my Dazzling Dobz Greetings Cards.

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