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Hunting for treasure!

Waking up at 5am is never as fun as going to bed at 5am. I yawn and jump out of bed to get ready as it is definitely worth it when I get to go on a hunt around an antiques market.

Antiques markets have always been one of my favourite places. Salls piled high with all sorts of unusual bits and bobs to discover. I love it. What some may see as piles of others people’s junk, I see as an opportunity to discover hidden treasures.

Whether it’s hunting for unusual oddities for my studio, home or sourcing the beautiful vintage frames I use to frame my Original Intricate Inks, I search high and low in every box and trunk. I pick each and every frame myself to make sure they are a super special home for my Intricate Ink drawings – I particularly like black frame that look a bit gnarly and interesting and if they have amazing glass in that’s even better!

My top tip as it were would be to go there as early as you can as it’s very true that the early bird catches the worm, and with one or more objectives of what you’re hoping to discover. That way your eye will pick these things out among thousands of objects all piled up together. And if you don’t find what you were looking for you will definitely come away with some unique finds. It’s an unpredictable buying trip that becomes rather addictive.

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