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Rory at Ibiza Rocks Hotel

If you’re ever on the wonderful island of Ibiza you’ll hopefully discover one or two little pieces of Rory on your travels. Ibiza Rocks House, also known as Pikes Hotel, is a truly magical institution. As you can imagine I JUMPED at the chance to be able to draw on the walls of such a beautiful 15th century finca.

Aside from being able to draw outside all day in the glorious sunshine – which in truth required some dedicated parasol holding at times at awkward angles to protect me from keeling over – my highlight of this experience was the opportunity to paint on a huge scale. Incorporating the animals into their natural surroundings (if we count Smokey Fish being happily located next to the hotel pool ;)) so that the gang could interact with the plants, trees and shapes of the buildings, was such a wonderful vision to realise.

My favourite drawing to bring to life was my Masked Mousie. When the builders knocked down the wall to make the bar they had found a mouse nest in the wall, so I painted Mousie there to honour the Ibizan mouse family and their home.

I also found a super smashing stone wall as a permanent home for my Cat Monocle. It had heaps of beautiful tropical plants in front of it making him look like he is hiding… ready to pounce. Just as I was adding the final touches a guy with ginger hair sat on the wall next to me, said hello and started playing his guitar. I walked back to check the painting a little later and he asked if it was okay to film a new song he wrote in front of it. And I said of course, and he said ‘thanks, my name is Ed Sheeran and will let you know when the music video comes out!’ You will also find my Cat in Rizzle Kick’s Dreamers video, too.

Dotted around Pikes and in lots of nooks and crannies you will find many more drawings including all the room numbers and my Intricate Ink tiles here and there, inside and outside…

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