Home Accessories

Home accessories by Rory Dobner. A treasure trove of beautiful pieces perfect for gifting or Even Better as a treat just for you. Each piece in the collection showcases a wonderful Intricate Ink Illustration hand drawn by Rory in jet black ink and hand applied. Each pieces tells a story – join them together however you wish to have your own adventure. Browse home accessories by Rory Dobner, from wordsearch tiles bathrooms or a very thoughtful personalised gift using Alphabet Tiles or Number Tiles or Character Tiles or combo’s of all through to Teeny Tiny Trinket Boxes & PopItIn Pots for all your Most Important Preciousness, Tock Tock Clocks (even better if you make them go backwards), Voluminous Vases, Tile Frames, Easels & Bottomless Bags for all your goodies. To make everything smell amazeballs try Cosy Candles, Cutesy Candles, Stupendous Supersized Candles or Delectable Diffusers you really will never want to leave home.