Private Bespoke Commission

Your own, one-off Original Intricate Ink Illustration Commission by Rory, optionally available mounted & housed by Rory in his Hampstead, London studio in a gorgeous vintage black frame. Each Original Intricate Ink Commission can be an original version of one of the existing Intricate Ink designs or can be your very own commision – he loves to draw; just ask him. If he could he would be daydreaming & drawing morning, noon & night especially when everyone else is tucked up costly in bed.

He can add a personal message to the back of the frame if you choose to have framed & create the artwork in any size you desire. Commissions in the past have included Pet Portraits – Dobnerize your pet or imaginary friend, creating you your own personal Coat Of Arms or Family Crest or why not have your own Initial personalized with all your favorite things or a Save The Date personal artwork special to you & your partner? How about drawing your eye as then you can watch over your Important Peeps like they did in Victorian times before cameras took over or how about a customised tattoo design – Art for your body? Taking your Original Intricate Ink Commission why not have some tea towels or plates or whatever you fancy on the website made featuring your commission as we would be very happy to make that dream come true.

Love Design

Personal Commission

Save the Date Wedding Commission

Alice In Wonderland Personal Commission

Cat Pet Portrait Commission

Family Crest Commission

Dog Pet Portrait Commission