The Ink House Collection

My Very First Book EVER! An artist’s mysterious mansion, built on a magical pool of ink that inspires creativity in anyone who lives there. When the artist goes adventuring animals great & small arrrive for the annual Ink House Extravaganza. If you are ever lucky enough to come across a cat in a fetching hat or a saxophone playing caterpillar – why not ask them to show you the way to The Ink House?

Colour it or read yourself or with the littley’s there are 62 pages of Intricate Ink Illustrations available to lose yourself in The Inkhouse

Based on the original Ink House Intricate Ink Illustrations a beautiful collection showcasing the designs on exquisite Fine Bone China is now available from Perfect Plates to Teapots, Cosy Candles, Stupendous Supersized Candles & Majestic Mugs make your one at home Annual Ink House Extravaganza!

Each piece is hand made, hand decorated & hand edged in 22 carat gold. Made In England – just like me.

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Showing 1–12 of 48 results