Fortnum & Mason Cat In Hat Tile


Magnificent & unique pieces in collaboration with Fortnum & Mason, showcasing their beautiful Piccadilly shop facade in London, UK. Gorgeous white ceramic tiles hand decorated with a black Rory Intricate Ink Illustration of the absolutely wonderful Fortnum & Mason Cat In Hat.

Every tile is hand decorated with a unique Rory Dobner Intricate Ink Illustration telling each character’s story with a clever, playful or just plain cheeky drawing.

Display your favourite Intricate Ink Illustration Character Tile rested on the mantle piece individually, rest on a black easel anywhere which is also available on the website, use as a skillet, or why not tile your shower & bathroom or kitchen walls or your cloakroom?

It’s also possible to frame any combination of Alphabet, Number or Character Tiles in a handmade glassless black wooden frame ready to hang or buy an empty black frame on this website and stick in yourself. If framed a personal dedication can be written on the back if you drop a line to with what you would like for the Most Personalised Amazeballs gift for a friend or for family.

The Character tile range includes all your favourite characters from Masked Skull, Cat Monocle & Brooklyn Dalmatian Dog Tile to name but a few of the available Character Tile designs.
There are also Alphabet Tiles starting with A for “Anchors Away” finishing with Z for “Ziggy Zebra” with some letters having multiple design choices to pick from to mix things up & some tile letters designs having an extra splash of 22 carat gold sparkle as the sparkler the better! There are also Number tiles from 1 – 9 as well as Symbol Tiles such as Punctuation Marks including a question mark, heart, ampersand as well as a full stop available.

Gift boxes are available to purchase on this website separately to house your Intricate Ink Tile if required for your Extra Special gift.

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Every ceramic tile is hand decorated with a unique Rory Dobner Intricate Ink Illustration
Made in England.

Gift boxes are available to purchase separately
Blank tiles available on request

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